Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thursday--April 24th, 2014

Amazon has only three Upper Deck Rob Blanchflower rookie cards available. Get yours now!


The Orlando Sentinel ranks UMass #123 out of 129 FBS teams in a preseason review. That image sure doesn't look like Whip.


WWLP did a survey of UMass students and found less than 1/3 supported a player union.

CBS Sports looks at the can of worms that could be opened if players become employees. Could boosters give a player $100,000 to represent their business? Could the schools fire a player who doesn't perform up to a standard? The Tax Man is sure to be involved; the scholarships could be a taxable fringe benefit...


USA Today says Khalil Mack rises to elite status in the NFL Draft.

CBS Sports predicts Mack to be #3 overall in the NFL Draft.


Two former football players, including one from Boston College, are charged with beating a homeless man in Allston.


The Lions welcome James Ihedigbo.


Victor Cruz on the Giants new offense.


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vetteson said...

I think Northwestern put the fear of God into the NCAA when they sought Union affiliation. The NCAA and, more importantly, the Big Conferences quickly rallied (woke up) to announce reforms/changes that should appease the college players. Full financial support (about $40,000/year on average), 24 hour Pizza delivery, and better insurance should stop the gathering storm. The lesser D1's (like us) will have to figure it out for themselves. There is now (and actually has been for some time) two Div. 1 leagues, the haves (BCS) and the have nots (the rest of us).

By the way I emailed the Sentinal about the Whipple picture and this is their response. They could have simply googled his name. Who's checking?

Hi, this is Iliana with the Orlando Sentinel.

It’s my understanding Mark Whipple was the Cleveland Browns quarterbacks coach before taking the UMass job. USA Today Sports, a national wire service we use, identified the picture of Whipple we posted from his time working with the Browns. We do not have access to current pictures of him at UMass because he hasn’t been back at the school very long.

After receiving your email, I compared school images of Whipple at UMass and the Cleveland image we have on our website. They do seem appear to be the same person and USA Today Sports’ photo information appears to be accurate.

Since he is expected to play such a big role in the team’s development, we opted to go with the photo of Whipple with the Browns rather than one of his current players.

If you have any further information that can clarify who we incorrectly identified in the photo, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m just fairly certain we do have the correct person.


Iliana Limón Romero
Colleges Editor, Orlando Sentinel and Sun Sentinel
Office phone: 407-650-6353