Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday--April 11th, 2014

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Matty V. is back with a story featuring the UMass linebackers.

There will be some new faces available for the Minutemen linebacker corps. Trey Seals will be rushing the passer standing up. At 6-4 231, he's more of a linebacker size than a DE in FBS football.

Da'Sean Downey 6-5 240 is an early enrollee in the 2014 recruiting class. Again, he has BCS size and could be a future starter.

John Robinson-Woodget 6-2 225 played in 10 games in 2013, but has been getting favorable mentions  during spring practice.

Steve Casali and Shane Huber are still recovering from injuries suffered last fall. UMass could have enough depth this year to have some defensive packages like Brown used. The Minutemen struggled playing the 3-4 last year, especially with run stopping. That's going to be an issue this year as the starting defensive line is going to be very light by even MAC standards.

If UMass had to play a game next week, I would think the starting inside LB's would be Stanley Andre 6-2 240 and Jovan Santos-Knox 6-2 240. The two outside LB's could be Kassan Messiah 6-4 225 and John Robinson-Woodget.

Other LB's seeking to contribute this year are:


The UMass website has video and a story from the Football Team's taking part in the Autism Speaks 5k run/walk.


More on Brandon Hill and Kevin Morris' reunion at Monmouth.


OT, but Michigan is looking for a "high mid-major" hoops team for a home-and-home. Four slots on the UMass slate are open now that we are not playing MAC teams.


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Anonymous said...

If we play Michigan in hoops, I think my suspicions will reach even newer heights. Yeah the AAC would be great for now but I think there's something B1Gger in the plans...