Saturday, April 05, 2014

Saturday--April 5th, 2014

I have 15 images from the April 3rd practice in a Picasa web album here.

Click on the above and Blogger displays a lager image.


Dan Malone has a story about UMass running backs and video from the same practice I attended.

The story captures some of the heroism and futility of a 1-11 season. The Minutemen went five deep in their starting tailbacks and every one of them looked like they could play FBS football.

The down side of all the injuries was UMass managed only five rushing TD's all year. That was the lowest in the MAC and probably the nation.

In 2003 under Whipple Minutemen RB's had 22 rushing TD's...


 Western Michigan also has a new running back coach. The Broncos were 12th in the league in rushing offense. UMass was 10th.


Bleacher Report features Marshall QB Rakeem Cato, the player Blake Frohnapfel was stuck behind.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice pics Frank. By the way, we actually had 6 RB's play last year with Greg Oreyoko(AIC Xfer)the sixth. Hopefully that won't happen again too soon!

UMass74 said...

The above commenter is correct.

Oreyoko played in 5 games and went 14-43 3.1 AVE.

Anonymous said...

Frank, with Shipp and Coen onboard, thw only missing piece to get back on campus would be Adrian Zullo. I know you liked him a great deal.