Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wednesday--March 20, 2013

Canadian Press image
Brandon London signed a three year deal with the Alouettes.

London has high goals for 2013.


If you want to know why college football is driving realignment, this article from Football Scoop shows the reason money is in football.

From the article:

"College football was the No. 1 or 2 highest-rated television programs for 14 consecutive Saturday nights this fall, taking the top spot on seven occasions."

FBS college football is the place to be.


NIU Football wants to be even stronger in 2013.

Toledo's goal remains the same, win the MAC in 2013.


MetroDailyWest has a feature about Boston College's Spring football.



Kentucky was one-and-done in the NIT.

The Courier-Journal says Coach Calipari may be one player away from the greatest recruiting class in the history of college basketball.

Could the Siena Saints be joining the A10?


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