Saturday, March 09, 2013

Saturday--March 9, 2013

Shane Waldron/Twitter
Harry Plumer has an article about possible new helmet colors for the 2013 Minutemen. I think most UMass fans felt that the all-black uniforms did not work very well.

I liked the white helmets. Maroon helmets with maroon jerseys will make us into Temple clones. Maroon w/white travel jerseys would probably be OK.


Bill Connelly continues his series of previewing the 2013 MAC. This time is Akron.


Nick Underhill of MassLive wonders if Victor Cruz would leave the Giants.

A Giants blogger says there is a lot of interest in Cruz from other teams possibly including the Patriots because "you can't put it past them to try this"


I missed this article from March 5th from the Boston Herald "NFL scouts check out UMass seniors".


A Bleacher Report writer has the biggest Spring headache for all 127 FBS head  coaches including UMass.


A commenter here expressed interest in UMass getting Gunner Kiel. I dunno. His next stop will be his fourth. We are no longer FCS, so he would have to sit out a year. Given his history, a year off would likely end badly. Probably a FCS team like Eastern Washington, Montana or Sam Houston would be his best bet. A Bleacher Report writer picks Kiel's five best options.



Anonymous said...

Kiel would be the face of umass football and could change the culture of the program. He's not going to juco or fcs unless he's stupid. After sitting out he will have 3 years to play for another college. umass has the ND connection with coach molnar, our offense is designed for a kid like Kiel and he could gain national attention if he were to lead Umass to a bowl game.

prof. said...

I agree. But I wonder if Kiel isn't looking for a more high profile program and a promise to start. It would seem that he is immature, impulsive, mercurial, and impatient. I'm not sure what kind of a teammate he woild be if he isn't able to contribute or/and if the team has only marginal success in its third FBS season. But if he does come it would seem likely that he would play due to Molnar's involvement in the process of recruiting him, and because he has the history with Molnar. It would raise a lot of eyebrows and would contribute to the stature of the program. It's not beyond the realm of possibility. I would love to see him taking snaps so long as he has maturity, perspective, and the aplomb that is critical for a leader.

Anonymous said...

He is starting for umass from day 1.