Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Tuesday--March 5, 2013

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UPDATE:  The UMass website link for the Coach Molnar Chat keeps defaulting to a commercial. The Live Stream link doesn't do that.


Harry Plumer has a story about Darren Thellen from UMass' Pro Day yesterday.

Matty V. has a story on the Gazette's website about Stephane Milhim and yesterday's Pro Day.

Former UMass Safety Jeromy Miles attended the workouts at Gillette Stadium to encourage current UMass players. Nice to see a former player still connected with the program.

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Remember the Coach's Chat with Coach Molnar today at 3:30 PM.


A Seattle Sea Hawks SB  Nation writer covers UMass' Pro Day, but gets UMass affiliation wrong. Maybe someone with a SB Nation subscription could log on and correct him.


CBS Sports has a look at Spring Football at Boston College and has a paragraph about Don Brown.


A UConn Bleacher Report writer has an article on UConn basketball rivalries and mentions the possibility of reviving UMass-UConn.


A Connecticut newspaper report the Huskies have added BYU to their 2014 schedule as " a team a bit better than UMass or Rhode Island".


The Jouranl News has an update on the possible breakup of the A10. Mentions UMass will be looking for a new all-sports home.


Akron Sports Now writer says the MAC fails at scheduling once again, but "thankfully Akron will get a shot at miserable UMass late in the season".


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