Thursday, March 14, 2013

More on the new UMass helmets

At the football event last night the team displayed mannequins with the new uniforms and helmets. If my math is right three different colors for helmets, jerseys and pants gives 84 distinct combinations.

Click on the images below and Blogger displays a full-rez version.

One one day left to vote in the poll on helmet colors!

Note the metal-flake finish on the white helmet



Anonymous said...

84 combos is a bit high. There are not 9 distinct items ( you can't have a combo of three (3) helmets)so needing one item from each of the three items to make a combo, the real number is 27 combos.

Greg Krej said...

I love the all the helmets. Love the "white out" look. Maroon helmet, maroon jersey, and white pants would look best for home games.

UMass74 said...

Yes, obviously the first commenter is correct. Combinations of all helmets or all jerseys would not work :)

I've always been partial to the all-white (UMass won the National Championship wearing it), but after seeing the Maroon helmet in person, it's nice. The white stripes make it distinctive. I can see why it has a two-to-one lead in the blog poll.

Wonder which combo the players like?

Football team said...

Well, we all knew that helmet are very important in a football game for the safety of the players, by the way I love this Umass helmet especially the black one.