Friday, March 01, 2013

Friday---March 1, 2013

Harry Plumer looks at UMass' options if the A10 breaks up as is almost certain. FWIW, I would pick an option that tries to protect UMass hoops. I travel a lot and when I talk to people in other parts of the country, they remember UMass basketball.

Staying in the rump end of the Atlantic 10 would not be good for hoops or the Olympic sports. The new Big East would be light years better, but UMass would need to commit to better facilities for football. It looks like the Big Ten will be raiding the ACC for more schools and IMHO, UConn will eventually get an ACC bid. UMass could, if Coach Molnar can make us into a winner quickly.

Joining the MAC in all sports makes the most sense in a facilities-demographics point, but UMass is a Northeast school. Temple and UConn are our natural rivals. If the MAC added Army, it would be more attractive option.

The Wall Street Journal reports the Big East breakup picks up speed.

The Tampa Bay Times says the "Catholic Seven" will take the Big East name with them.

Meanwhile, a judge refused to dismiss the ACC's lawsuit against Maryland.


Rant Sports says the MAC will release its 2013 football schedule shortly.


Yesterday I blogged about UMass' upcoming Pro Day. says Pro Days are important to potential free agents---- like Victor Cruz was.

Rant Sports has tapping into Victor Cruz's money.


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Anonymous said...

Lost in all this discussion about new conferences is that although it may make sense for football and basketball because of TV, it makes no sense for other sports.How do you think the Depaul tennis team likes flying to Providence(or worse buses),only to have it rained out on a tuesday,and misses four days of school. Believe me this type of occurence happens all the time and is no joy to go to OHIO,when there are equal teams within a two hour drive.Also, I see lots of empty seats at Prov,Seton Hall,Depaul,StJohns,etc,without big draws like Syracuse and Notre Dame this league will have peaked in its infancy. Mark my words.