Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday-- Ides of March 2013

The UMass All-access video port has some highlights from the UMass "Night of Champions" event.

Some more images of the event from me. Click on the image and Blogger displays a full-rez version.

First team to 100 reps at 305 wins

Robert Kitching sets up for a 600 pound squat

Anthony Dima did 32 reps at 225!!!

Randall Jette goes above the rim

The Vandy Blog "Anchor of Gold" has a post about favorite uniforms and helmets and features an image from the UMass game.

ESPN football says Vanderbilt (who will visit Gillette next year) is looking more like a SEC team.


ESPN looks at more names for the new Big East football league.


OT, but Chaz Williams left a freakin' vapor trail in his coast-to-coast drive and layup in the last minute of UMass' win over George Washington last night.


OT, but there is limited TV coverage of tonight's UMass-Temple game. Some papers say the game will be on CBS sports Network, but it's not listed on my Dish Network programming guide.

UPDATE: The A10 has an expanded list of cable stations carrying the UMass-Temple game. It's available on Fox Sports Midwest channel 418 on Dish network. I'm watching St. Joe's VCU now.


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