Saturday, March 16, 2013

Saturday--March 16, 2013

The Maroon helmet was the favorite of 64% of the responders in the blog poll in the side bar. I voted for the white helmet, but after seeing the maroon helmet in person, I like that one too.


Athlon Sports has a Spring preview of  UMass' 2013 BCS OOC opponent Vanderbilt.


Sports Illustrated looks at burning questions for the non BCS leagues in the Spring of 2013.


All's quiet with the Victor Cruz negotiations, but the Giants are hoping Cruz's agent change will help.

Victor is mingling with the movers and shakers again.

Rant Sports says San Diego should give the Giants a first round pick for Cruz.


UConn is adding temporary seating to it's 40,000 seat stadium for Michigan's visit.


After watching UMass beat NCAA-bound Temple last night, can anyone deny UMass is one of the top 64 teams in the nation? The Minutemen should be in the tourney.

UPDATE: MassLive has the TV coverage channels for today's UMass-VCU game.

BTW, Temple has a basketball/football blog.

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prof. said...

I agree that we should have been the tourney. It doesn't quite seem right. Also agree about the maroon helmet, although I really like the clean lines of the white helmet. Not a fan of the black helmet, but I suppose on certain occasions.