Saturday, March 02, 2013

Saturday--March 2, 2013

Harry Plumer of MassLive has an article on the release of UMass' 2013 football schedule.

The Boston Herald says UMass will face a tough slate.


Football Scoop comments on the 2013 MAC schedule.


Kansas State has it's season ticket plan up. KSU acheived a #1 BCS rating in 2012. The Wildcats will play two-time FCS Champions North Dakota State as well as UMass and Louisiana. Mrs Blog and I have been to Manhattan twice and had a great time.


NIU will play UMass at Gillette. The Huskies really put it on us last year. We'll see if we can do better in 2013.


The 2013 schedule abounds with comparison games. UNH will play at at Central Michigan on Sept 7th and UMass will play at CMU on November 23rd.


Matty V has a story about possible UMass responses to the A10 losing a couple of it's marquee teams (pay wall).


Rick Pitino says the "Catholic Seven" deserves the Big East name.


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Anonymous said...

Someone should tell Rick Pitino that the catholics say thou shall not commit adultery. Then we may listen to him.