Thursday, March 29, 2012

UMass 2012 Schedule up--March 29th, 2012

The MAC has released the composite football schedule for 2012.

UPDATE: The UMass website has a post on the 2012 schedule.

UMass gets a possible national TV game on ESPNU/ESPN3 on Friday night, November 23rd.


Aug.30 at Connecticut
Sep.8 Indiana
Sep.15 at Michigan
Sep.22 *at Miami
Sept.29 *Ohio

Oct.6 *at Western Michigan
Oct.20 *Bowling Green
Oct.27 at Vanderbilt

Nov.3 *at Northern Illinois
Nov.10 *at Akron
Nov.17 *Buffalo
Nov.23 #*Central Michigan, (ESPNU/ESPN3)

#ESPN Multiple-Game Selection Date (an ESPN weekday multiple-game selection date will be announced 12 days prior to the listed date.  One (1) game will be selected by each ESPN service listed).


Whew! Impressive start to our FBS journey. What--maybe five to six bowl teams in the first nine games?

One of my favorite mixes when I lift weights: Metallica's "Jump in the Fire". Turn your computer speakers all the way up!



Anonymous said...

Tough schedule for umass in it's first year in fbs. I don't see any wins on the schedule next year.

UMass74 said...

If we don't have a lot of injuries, Akron, Buffalo and Central Michigan are possible...

Anonymous said...

Problem is we really don't know what we've got with this team. I think that last years disappointing record was a "false barometer" of measurement. I feel that coaching dragged last years team down and it wasn't necessarily a lack of talent. I'm hoping the new coach and staff will be a huge factor in elevating level of play and maybe we'll get a couple of MAC wins. Coaching is huge at this level.

prof. said...

You never know. I say three to five wins.