Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday--March 23rd, 2012

UMass football gets a it's first FBS-level preview from SBNation. The writer does a good job with limited applicable information. Since we had a losing season in FCS, it's tough to predict how ready we are for the MAC. Like the author, I think Coach Molnar has made a good start on the transition. We'll know in November how much further we need to go.

The MAC blog "Hustle Belt" reacts to the SBNation article.


Matty V reports (at the end of this article) Victor Cruz tweeted he'll be at the UMass-Stanford game at Madison Square Garden.


Former UMass A.D. Ian McGraw is enjoying success at Baylor.


Despite the current conference realignments, the Utah Attourney General is continuing his suit against the BCS system for anti-trust reasons.


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Anonymous said...

Is it really that hard for people to write articles without making the Division 1 mistake?