Friday, March 09, 2012

Friday--March 9th, 2012

Former UMass player Ke'Mon Bailey will be playing for Richmond Raiders PIFL team soon. The article mentions UMass.

Richmond Raiders website here.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ says Temple to the Big East was a tortuous path.

Athalon Sports looks at what's next for the Big East.


LSU's homecoming queen is trying out for the Tigers football team.


Off topic, but here's the CBS Sports preview of today's UMass-Temple hoops clash.

UPDATE: Congrats to UMass hoops for their biggest win in 10 years!!!

Let's win two more and make the big dance.



Gregg said...

What a win for the hoop squad! With one contributing senior (Sean Carter) Cady Lalane coming back next year and a real good recruiting class coming in, it looks like the hoop program is back in action!

The football program has as much buzz around it in years. I already have my season tix in place!

The Lax team is ranked 5th in the nation!

Oh yeah, the hockey team is on tonight in the HE playoffs.

UMass athletics is on a roll!


UMass74 said...

Good luck to UMass hockey tonight.

Mrs Blog and I ordered our season tickets at Gillette a couple of weeks ago!