Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 27th, 2012--First day of Spring Practice

Matty V. has an article on the first day of spring practice for the Minutemen.


Click for larger view/ image from the 2011 fall media day
Continuing our series on the offense. Today we'll look at the offensive line. Lost to graduation were:
Returning starters:
Other offensive linemen on the spring roster:
Twelve offensive linemen is not a large group for a FBS team. There were four OL on this year's recruiting list.


BCS officials are trying to get their heads around post season play.


Good luck to UMass hoops at the NIT Final Four tonight. Matty V has a couple of articles on  the UMass-Stanford matchup.

This article by Marty Dobrow of ESPN brings back some memories of UMass basketball.

Go UMass!


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Anonymous said...

At least this new guy is excited. I will be interested to see the finished product in the spring game? Is the spring game at gillette or on campus?