Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday-March 26th, 2012

Yesterday, we talked about graduation losses for the UMass offense. Today we look at who's returning.

UMass returns two of the three QB's who saw playing time last year

  •     Kellen Pagel 8-7 GP-GS 116.0 EFF 153-267-9 57.3 % 1725 yards 9 TD 55 LONG 215 ave/g
  •      Brandon Hill 5-3 GP-GS 122.8 EFF 49-84-3 58.3% 598 yards 3 TD 58 LONG 119.6 yards/game
Other QB's on the roster are:
Tight Ends:
Running backs:
Our opening OOC opponent UConn has  five BCS transfers this spring.


UMass' great run the the NIT continues tomorrow. The A10 took a hit when Temple left. The league needs to reststock and VCU, George Mason and Butler are in discussions to join the league.



Anonymous said...

so who is going to be our starting qb next year? will it be the freshman does one of these kids step up?

Anonymous said...

I thought recruits Jaurice Jones and Rodney Mills enrolled in January. Wouln't they be included on the Spring Roster.

UMass74 said...

There's an old coaching maxim that says "you lose one game for every true freshman you start."

Hopefully, one of the current QB's will be like Kyle Havens and make a quantum leap in capability in 2012 and the true freshmen can have a red shirt year to learn the offense and gain some muscle.

I don't know what's up with Jones or Mills.

Anonymous said...

Well that statement may be true but I'd rather lose with aj doyle this season and build for our future then lose with pagel and hill. Its a transition season.