Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday--March 12th, 2012

UMass will be holding its annual Pro Day today. Tyler Holms and Julian Talley will be working out as well as Emil Igwenagu.

I've always thought Jesse Julmiste would be a good fit for the CFL. They could not kick away from him due to the huge CFL field. He's still raw because essentially he only played for one year, but he'd make CFL defensive backs look silly.

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"In the FCS Huddle" ranks Emil Igwenmagu as the third-best FCS offensive player for the draft. 

This writer says Pro Days can be pivotal for NFL hopefuls.

NFL Draft Scout's UMass page.


While college football continues to rise, NCAA basketball  tourney attendance continues to fall.


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Anonymous said...

What a poorly thought out article about the basketball attendance. The writer really thinks one and done players and BCS football has something to do with the attendance? The tournament is in March, months after the football season, that is not going to change anything. As for one and done players, ignoring the fact there have only been 33 of them since 2008, wouldn't that more likely increase attendance? If they made any difference it should make more people come and see them since it would be the only chance to see them in college. Not decrease attendance.

The fact the US was hit by a recession starting in late 2007 would be too obvious of a reason why attendance has dropped since 2008...