Thursday, March 08, 2012

Recruiting 2012--Julian Kaminoff II

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I've blogged about 2012 recruit Julian Kaminoff once before. The 6-0 180 pd DB signed with the Minutemen in February.

His HS paper has a story on his commitment to UMass and some of his 2011 stats.


Anonymous said...

Im so sick of "from the top row" and his clowns up there thinking they know everything. Im sure none of them ever played adown of football in their entire life....find something else to talk about, plz

UMass74 said...

I let this one go because I'm sure the Top Row guys can handle themselves, but let's not have a flame war.

Anonymous said...

Can you pull up some research on the cornerback id D'metrius Williams? I've heard from UMASS faithful he's going to be a good one .

Anonymous said...

Can you find some info on the corner signed D'Metrius Williams ?

UMass74 said...

I did a post on Williams back on January 21st

Anyone seen anything new?

Anonymous said...

from up in the Top Roww. Seems winter might be going away sooner than expected.

Good to see the Coaching Staff is set now. Seems like a very good group with a lot of promise and success. As for losing Coach Rolo well we'd offer it is better to have coaches other teams want than not. Getting Coack Kruczek is a very good hire as well.

Between Coach Charlie's and Coach K's successes we have some very good offensive coaches. The DC has a great reputation along with Coach Burris and Coach Sollazo. Will be interesting to see how we go on defense.

Been interesting to see the players we have coming in and the ones being offered. Also good to see no one has transferred or quit. Sez a lot for the character of the team.

As for the TAP who commented on 3/8with his blather. First of all if you followed this blog or followed the team you might have an idea on who one or all three of us are. Again we will post it here for your tiny mind to try and grasp -All three of us played college football. 1 at UMass for 3 yrs until he injured his knee and was not able to finish. He did well while there and was first team Yankee Conference as a Jr. Yup he s OLD with a capital D!

The other two both played elsewhere (Syracuse and Maryland). Both got looks from the NFL and one tried out for the Steelers but that did not work out. Two of us have MBA's from UMass. We all live in MA now and two of us grew up in MA and all three of us met each other by an odd assortment of ways but that is for another day.

None of us has ever said we know everything my lil' TAP(stands for The Anonymous Poster since you do not have the mud to post a name or an identifier). We have played a pretty fair amount though and do offer opinions though - that is what blogs are for. The three of us have been season tix holders for going on 6 seasons now.

So lil' TAP if you want to "engage" in a conversation - GREAT otherwise if you gain some sense of pleasure by posting oh so anonymously well too bad for you.

All three of us will be at the Spring Game if you'd like to stop by and introduce yourself. Hahaha doubt "you" will show though.

Have a Great Day ! ! !

Anonymous said...

from Top Row 2 to the troll who posted on 3/8.

Try and give something/ anything on who you are or where you are coming from. Top post this junk is a waste of your time. The meek amount of energy you used to post this is obviously illustrating your inept abilities to manage your thoughts in a coherent fashion.

My Row mate shared "We" are not being viewed in a positive light. To that I'd offer a big "Oh Well".

We have a better than good idea on how to play the game. If someone disgrees with our opinions - so be it. Just would hope you instead can offer up a constructive opinion.

For this year we are pretty much sticking with our way of thinking about football. Will start with defense - HAVE TO STOP THE RUN ! ! ! The 20111 Jimmy Mad game was a disgrace. They pretty much ran the ball down our throats all day long and no one stepped up to stop it. Defensively was about as bad a game as we had seen in years in this regard.

Special Team - Haveto kick the ball effectively. That means making pretty much all of our Extra points and as for FG's well it kind of matters on what kind of fg's we are going for but XPT's we have to do well in this regard. Snap Hold Kick get this down. As for coverage we seem to do ok but not as well on KO coverage. Hope this improves.

Offense - we all like to pound the rock but it would seem with the coaches we will have that we will be a mutiple set team that'll mix the pass with some run. Will be interesting to see how this goes. Coach Charlie's past at C Mich, Cincy n Notre Dame has shown all of these offenses can sure put up numbers. Hopes it continues.

Looking forward to 4/28 and the Spring Game.

Anonymous said...

from Top Row 3

Heard from those in the row that we are "clowns"

Well my knee hurts like hell today and it is a constant reminder of my playing days from long ago.

Wanted to to go to UMass since I was a teeneager. Very proud to say I did and graduated with a degree that has been very helpful. Have also used many of my experiences from my playing days.

None of us claim to "know everything" only an idiot claims to "know everything". The three of us do have a lot of experience playing the game and we each have our reasons for supporting the team.

Will miss UMass not playing some of the teams from the past - like Maine for example. Always had good games against them and the Mainers are a fun bunch of people to talk with.

Really like the way the athletic department is going and hoping the Men's Basketball team can get to the big dance. When I was at UMass we were happy to be just competitive in games is all. Also liking that UMass hockey will be televised against BC.

Anonymous said...

Should look into the kicker from Georgia that visited this weekend.