Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saturday---March 17th, 2012

Roger Brown of ESPN Boston says Coach Molnar is making a splash in New England recruiting.

Interesting stuff. If UMass is to succeed at the FBS level, we need to recruit. I am impressed with the level of energy that Coach Molnar and his staff have showed since their arrival. Upwardly impressed.

New England develops enough FBS players so that UMass can have a significant portion of the roster from this area. If you look at the rosters from Coach MacPherson's era, you'll find a large number of the players were from Massachusetts. Many of those players would be considered FBS-level kids today.


South Carolina RB Kenny Miles is a fith-year graduate senior (which means he could play right away for another team) may be on the market to transfer.

Miles led the Gamecocks in rushing in 2009.


Mocking the Draft looks at the success some undrafted players have achieved in the NFL.


Don't forget UMass hoops at 11:00 am EDT. Go UMass!


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