Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday--February 15, 2011

Boston Collge has released its "official" schedule and UMass plays the Eagles, as Coach Morris said, on September 24th.


The NY Jets have moved Vladimir Ducasse to RT.

Vlad will do well if the jets let him play. He is a newcomer to football and does not look good in drills. He received low marks in the All-Star game in the pre-game exercises. He did fine in the actual game. My information is that he played well in the final game of the Jets season.

The same effect comes out in the NFL Draft. Every year NFL teams draft players who look like they can play rather than actual football skills. What was Tom Brady? A sixth round pick?


ESPN Boston has a list of Massachusetts players to sign LOI's for 2011.



Anonymous said...

Who says he doesnt look good in drills?

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing 2 of the best linebackers in the country at the Heights on Sept 24