Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Letter-of-Intent Day--Updates

UPDATE III: All right, I'm  back from shoveling, snow blowing and raking the roof (Mrs. Blog has been after me to do that for several days).

It looks like the snow is affecting things somewhat at UMass as they don't have a full recruiting list up yet. Reading over the transcript of Coach Morris' chat, it appears this is a monster offensive class. The CAA's top offense should continue to roll in 2011.

Once we get a full recruit roster, I'll do a post on all the new names that we haven't covered before. I'll probably do one a day or so to keep the workload manageable.

I'll do one post on Marken Michel above this one and then wait for the full list.

UPDATE II: I have to go out to deal with the blizzard for a while. No further updates on the blog until this afternoon.

UPDATE: The live chat with coach Morris has started.

Metro West Daily New has an article that two Natick athletes recruited by UMass, Liam Porter and Andrew Siden, have chosen Boston College and Tulane respectively.


Tyjuan Fray has verbaled to Duquesne. I blogged about Fray here.


Adam Dempsey verbaled to West Chester over offers from UMass, Maine, UNH and Towson.  I blogged about Dempsey here.


The Wall Street Journal says in college football recruiting, the FAX machine is the star.


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Anonymous said...

Did I miss your take on the D-line. It does not appear we are recruiting many for next season. Is that a sign they are happy with what we have. They took alot of bashing in the blog comments. My opinion "was a young inexperienced defense that held their own" and for those who stated the offense did the job, it is a team effort. Both sides of the ball sqaundered a few opportunities to win a few more games.