Saturday, February 12, 2011

Recruiting 2011--Ben Patrick II

This article from ESPN Boston indicates that Ben Patrick, a 5-9 179 pd CB/RB will walk on for the Minutemen in 2011.

I've blogged about Patrick before.

Welcome to UMass Ben!


Anonymous said...

Hello Frank,
Thanks for the best website for our football team and program.

Would like to read your analysis / snapshot of the other 6 MAC East teams and where would fit in 2011.
Thanks again!

UMass74 said...

If we declare for the MAC, I'll certainly have a lot to talk about. Since we have all spring to do that, coverage of the MAC will be done some time in the future.

Remember, we would play in the CAA in 2011 even if we announce we are going FBS. Since we would be ineligible for the FCS playoffs even though we would be still playing a CAA schedule, we could add another FBS team for the money since the additional loss would not matter.

UMass would probably play a mixed FBS and FCS schedule in 2012 and then a full MAC schedule in 2013. Most FBS teams have schedules that are set up at least four or five years in advance. It would take a least couple of years to get everything worked out.

UMass74 said...

If anyone is thinking of a UMass-Notre Dame game after (and if) we go FBS, note that they are fully scheduled out to about 2040 or so.

MinuteFan said...

Frank, If we announce we are moving to the MAC, but play this season with 63 scholarships, are we still ineligible for FCS playoffs?

UMass74 said...

AFAIK, no. We would not be eligible for the FCS playoffs. Also, once we announce, any FBS transfers would have to sit out a year.

Villanova has said they will not decide on their Big East Bid until April.

Temple is also interested in CUSA. It may be to UMass' advantage to wait as long as possible to see how some of these other moves play out.

UMass74 said...

I probably answered that incorrectly as relating the question. As I understand it, once we declare, we are ineligible for the FCS playoffs no matter what the status of our scholarship total.