Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday--Feb 13th, 2011

Mike Reiss of ESPN Boston mentions Mark Whipple's joining the Cleveland Browns and his chance to mentor Colt McCoy.

BTW, Whipple's Browns bio here.


Roger Brown, the New England recruiting guru, reports Ian Syblis, a 6-0 165 pd WR who was recruited by UMass has decided to take a year of prep school.

I've blogged about Syblis before.


The New York Times looks at Andrew Luck, who turned down the NFL's millions to finish his degree at Stanford.



Anonymous said...

For all you Kevein Morris bashers-back off!! He is the only coach who does not have a losing record from one of the big three sports at UMASS, sorry Cahoon and Kellogg. While we are at it...let's name a few reach candidates for the next UMASS basketball coach...Greg Kampe from Oakland and Al Skinner. I will take either one.

Anonymous said...

Morris does not having a winning record either.

Anonymous said...

Can't you read...Morris does not have a losing record!!

Anonymous said...

He did this past season. Where were you?

Anonymous said...

Big Three? You mean softball, rowing and swimming?

Anonymous said...

After 2 years morris is a .500 coach. Brown left him a lot of talent and .500 is failing to me.

Anonymous said...

It's nice that we are good at softball rowing and swimming, but truth is no one really cares.You don't get many donors because they enjoy watching softball games or swimming and rowing meets, it's not right but it's the turth. and i believe the first commenter is talking about coach morri's record overall not this year.

UMass74 said...

I think the original commenter was reacting to the UMass basketball team's second half futility against George Washington.

He probably also saw the Hockey team's overtime loss to BU.

I watch the Hockey game and listened to the basketball. It's been a long year for UMass sports.

It would be nice if the Lax team or Softball had a great year.