Saturday, February 05, 2011

Saturday---Feb 5, 2011

Matty V. on the hiring of Don Brown as DC for UConn.

Also from the article:"

MORE LETTERS STILL EXPECTED - The Minutemen could still add as many as three players to their 2011 recruiting class. But weather has delayed at least one of the expected letters and the school wants to release the names off all remaining recruits at the same time."


Five UMass football players Cedric Gonnet, Rob Blanchflower, Brandon Hill and Ryan Delaire  as well as other UMass athletes took part in a visit to students at Crocker Farms.


Josh Buchanan looks at possible position changes for highly ranked FCS players in this year's NFL Draft.



Anonymous said...

I wonder what the real story is behind don Brown leaving for uconn. very interesting that he left 3 days after the signing day.

Anonymous said...

im shocked edsall allowed uconn to interview him.