Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Wednesday News--April 7th, 2010

A most excellent commenter pointed me to a column by Boston Herald sports blogger Danny Ventura entitled "Football Team of the Decade". Seven of the players have played for UMass or are currently on the roster. The total rises to nine if you count Ryan Izzo and Cory Eason.

First team offense:
Second team offense:
Third team offense:
Third team defense:

Some people say Delaware is guilty of Gridiron gouging.

I spotted this over on the "Wizard of Odds" blog. Fans of the Kansas Jayhawks will need to cough up $105,000 over ten years to be assigned good seats at Memorial stadium.


William & Mary, our first opponent for 2010, has a new mascot. The team nickname will remain "The Tribe".



Anonymous said...

good source tells me the spring game is 7 pm on friday april 30 under the lights.

Anonymous said...

This is a nice thought by the herald, however this writer has no clue what hes talking about. St John's prep has 4 kids on this? They had about 20 kids sign D1 scholarships in the decade, one who is still in the nfl. Zardas was a better HS RB than Izzo, whoever sherr is playing d12 football, Michael Neal, Isaac Johnson and Whitworth. Alot of other missing here as well. I would bet this writer is from Everett.

Anonymous said...

WMass ignored like usual. What a surprise.

hampfan said...

spring game 7 pm on friday april 31.

Anonymous said...

spring game is friday, april 30 ,7 pm

Anonymous said...

Cory Eason got offered a full ride at florida State as a Junior. very few kids on this list got an offer from a school like FSU. Third team is a joke, he was one of the heaviest recruited kids this decade. Too bad he didnt work out at Umass.

Anonymous said...

sherr is the rushing yards all time record holder in mass and izz is all time rushing touchdowns. Pretty sure they deserved their spots. You should have read the top of the article buddy, this was based on high school performance not college or

Anonymous said...

Ok I wont argue with Izzo he played against legit competition at Walpole. sherr played division six mass football against 120 lb kids. A kid like Zardas would have broke the all time record in mass by 5,000 yards playing for austin prep. He would have been the biggest kid in the league by 50 pounds and the fastest too. Same with any of those other rbs like Johnson or Whitworth.

Anonymous said...

spring game may 1st , at 7pm