Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday News --- April 10th, 2010

Vladimir Ducasse visits four NFL teams according to this post.

CBS Sports picks Vlad as "Best Draft Value' as a OT.


Another mention of ex-UMass RB Korey Davis at Liberty.


Former UMass legend Marcel Shipp had a successful season with the Las Vegas Locos.

"Among the players posing for photographs with fans, signing autographs and recalling the Locos' triumphant 5-2 campaign will be running back Marcel Shipp, who had 81 carries for 291 yards and 3 touchdowns and ended the UFL Premiere Season as the league's fourth-leading rusher. He spent seven seasons with the Arizona Cardinals, rushing for 2,197 yards and 11 touchdowns."


Yesterday I pointed out an error in professionally written piece about BC linebacker Mike McLaughlin. I mentioned most people find it easy to pick up an error in someone else's work. Sometimes a lot of people miss something.


Fifth year senior Tennessee QB Nick Stephens is looking to transfer to a FCS team.



Anonymous said...

anyone check out a practice? hows the team looking?

Anonymous said...

I hear there's a lot of injuries already.