Friday, April 23, 2010

Jets take Ducasse #61 in 2010 NFL Draft

UMass athletic site says Ducasse is the second highest UMass draft pick since 1968.

NFL Draft tracker has the Jets taking Vladimir #61.

Boston Globe has story here.

RotoWorld says Jets steal Ducasse at #61. here.

The NJ Star-Ledger here.

Probably a lot more coming tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

and the jets just cut allen faneca due to salary issues...vlad could be starting right away depending on how fast he learns the offense

Anonymous said...

We haven't heard Christian Koegel's name mentioned lately. The Patriots signed a Free Agent Punter from Australia and drafted a punter today. I hope he is given a chance to attend an NFL camp, preferably the Patriots!

Anonymous said...

CJ is a great kid but he doesn't have an NFL leg. His average was never high enough for NFL caliber punters. He varied between 41 and 43 yards where college kids who go to the NFL average at least 45 usually higher.

Anonymous said...

Average is not what the NFL determines only for punters. Most of the free agents signed have averages around Koegel's! He had great ability to place punts inside the 20. Look at the game at Montana 4 out of his 5 punts inside the 20. Three inside the 10 His net was 38.5 1st in the nation.