Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday News--April 16th, 2010

It's a cold and rainy morning here is the great Granite State. It snowed enough to cover the grass last night.

This article from the Sun Chronicle mentions Chris Zardas as a potential free agent pickup for the Patriots.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- rates Vladimir Ducasse as the third best guard prospect in the NFL Draft.


More football rules changes from the NCAA for 2010. This one is a doozy:

'PROP also approved a proposal that penalizes unsportsmanlike conduct as a live-ball foul beginning with the 2011 season.

The change means, for example, that if a player makes a taunting gesture to an opponent on the way to scoring a touchdown, the flag would nullify the score and penalize the offending team from the spot of the foul."

The loss of a TD is a really severe penalty. Players will have to keep their heads if they are in the clear and on their way to the endzone.


Budget troubles in Iowa led to a proposal to drop UNI football. The findings indicated no significant long term financial savings if the program was dropped. Note that in newspaper articles FCS programs are usually quoted to "cost" about $3 million. We have debated before about what are the real, as opposed to accounting, costs for FCS football. One yardstick would be the actual amount of money that would be available to apply to other school needs if football did not exist. The linked article says that amount would be saved is almost exactly what was quoted for the amount of money Hofstra could reassign after they dropped their program:$850,000. IMHO, that's a much better statement of FCS football costs.


Draft Daddy has a pdf down load with their "Top 250" NFL draft prospects. Vlad and Jeromy Miles make the list.


Josh Maurer and the UMass Network team have won two awards by the Associated Press for broadcasts in 2009.


The latest edition of the CAA's Spring football blog is here. Note that the league officials will be meeting with Comcast Sports to work on the league's TV schedule.


Our in-state OOC foe Holy Cross has announced their 2010 recruiting class. They only signed two players from Massachusetts, one each from South Hadley and Peabody.


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Holy Cross has 3 kids coming in from Mass. You missed the kid from Brookline. Anyway, great site. I'm starting to stop in daily. Keep up the good work. GO UMASS!