Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday News ---- April 27th, 2010

UMass QB recruit Brandon Hill will be playing in the NJ Vs Northeast Football Classic on 06/06/10. The Classic's website has a video interview with Hill here.


Victor Cruz is mentioned in this post by Northjersey.com about NY Giants free agents.

BigBlue.com, a Giants fan blog has a post on the eleven free agents (including Cruz) and the 23 tryouts invited to the Giants mini-camp. Besides Cruz, Dominic Randolph of Holy Cross and Seth Williams of Richmond received free agent contracts from the Giants.

The Brownsville Herald has another mention of Cruz (scroll way down) including his career stats here.

Chris Zardas is mentioned in this article by Eaglesmix.com.

New York Sports has a story on the NY Jets that mentions Vladimir Ducasse.

SportsNYTV.com discusses the Jets rookies including Vlad.


Nepatriotsdraft.com has an updated list of all NFL free agent signings.


More on UNH's Scott Sicko refusal of a free agent contract.


The usually UMass-friendly Boston Herald is doing a lot better than the usually UMass-hostile Boston Globe.



Anonymous said...

Tony Nelson to the Skins

Anonymous said...

does the UNH TE realize he is graduating with a degree from UNH and not Dartmouth? Makes no sense why he is getting press for turning down a job.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Zardas makes the roster, we all know he was a heck of an athlete! I liked how Hill said he wanted to take them to a National Championship, he seems to have a lot of confidence in himself.

Anonymous said...

With this growing trend of True Freshmen coming in playing QB, anyone think Hill may be the guy this year?

Anonymous said...

Vlad has the benefit of having one of the most highly respected NFL O-Line coaches in Bill Callahan. I'm sure he will be coached up very quickly and put on the field. 2nd round draft pick means hes expected to play and I think he will

MinuteFan said...

It depends on the potential of the rest of the team. They clearly will not be a playoff team with the type of QB play they got last season. So if the coaching staff makes a realistic assessment (not one they would share publicly, of course)that we are not likely to be a playoff team anyway, then red-shirt him and get another year of eligibility. If it looks like we have all the other pieces in place, then throw him in there if he looks ready.
Remember Liam Coen's freshman year as starter. Tim Day actually started the opener against Colgate and threw 4 INTs in the first half. Coen started the 2nd half and almost led them all the way back and started the rest of the games. UMass missed the playoffs by one game that year. Had Brown started the freshman in the 1st game, they would have made it to the post-season.

Anonymous said...

That was Coen's redshirt freshman year.

Anonymous said...

what a fraud, sicko signed with dallas. complete publicity stunt I hope he gets cut or someone like Demarcus ware cleans his clock!