Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday News -----April 20th, 2010

A Syracuse blog says the Big East should let UMass join if we upgrade football.


A Bleacher Report article names Vladimir Ducasse as one of the "Top 10 non-BCS" players in the NFL Draft.

More Vlad NFL mentions here and here.


The Sun-Chronicle mentions Jeromy Horne and Victor Cruz as possible NFL free agents.


CantonRep.com mentions Jeromy Miles as one of the top free agent safeties in the draft.

Miles gets another NFL draft mention here.


Future CAA league member Georgia State drew over 3,000 to their first ever spring game.

The Panthers better practice hard because the last game of their inaugural season is @Alabama, who drew 91,312 Tide fans to their own spring game.


Highlights from Michigan's Spring game here.



Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but no way umass is joining the big east. The facilities would need a huge upgrade and the state isnt handing out money for that anytime soon. Plus the football team was below 500 last year and the basketball was not any better.

Anonymous said...

will someone plz update the dept chart!!! Liman Coen is still the qb according to the one thats posted. Sean Smalls is the left corner. on and on!

Anonymous said...

Morris thinks hes bill belichick its very annoying for the fan like me. why he is so secret?

Anonymous said...

Chris Zardas is listed as the top small school fullback on a number of blogs and in the top 5 overall on draftbible.com. That kid was a beast. who is going to be the fullback this year ? Zardas led a running attack over the past 3 years that was very effective. team is going to have a difficult time replacing him.

UMass74 said...

RE: Depth chart. That site was setup by "UMass1863", it appears he is no longer maintaining the site.

If "Anonymous" would like to setup a 2010 depth chart at a replacement site, I'd be glad to link to it here.

Anonymous said...

its pretty simple they are not replacing zardas. One of the most underrated players in recent Umass history.

Anonymous said...

all I know is that Hawkins has been taking all the reps with the ones