Tuesday, July 08, 2008

UMass Blog News

OK. I now own UMassfootballblog.com domain.

We'll be hosted by GoDaddy.com for at least a year. I have to pay for the hosting, but I at least get some tech support.

One note, most other hosting sites (including GoDaddy) won't do a direct import from Blogger. That would be wwwwaayyyy too easy. Instead, I have to make a knight's move to another blogging platform and then import from there. If you want to see what the UMass Football Blog looks like in WordPress click here. It will probably take a while to complete the shift.

I honor of the occasion, I had a couple of UMass Football Blog hats made up. I have a black one with maroon letters and I had two with maroon and white (Mrs. Blog likes the Maroon ones).

I will give away one of the hats to UMass Football Blog reader. It's a brand new quality hat. I need to figure out a way decide who gets the hat. Any suggestions are welcome. Send me an e-mail if you have a brainstorm. There is an e-mail link in the "About me' section in the side bar. Some more images of the hat here .

The Hat does not violate any UMass trademarks. The font is standard "Ariel" not the script or block "UMass" trademarked by the athletic dept. And as I said it will be free one one blog reader.


Anonymous said...

The Texas Tech post generated some heated debate. Why don't you give a hat out to the closest prediction of the UMass-T.Tech game? Maybe do it for some other games as well, if you have extra hats....Have people email you directly so you know who it is from.

Good luck and thanks for the blog..

Anonymous said...

is it made in the usa

UMass74 said...

No. It's an "Ultra-Club" Classic cut.

Hand crafted by Cambodian elves.

Anonymous said...

sorry i asked

Anonymous said...

Frank, Congratulations on your own domain!

The next step - You have our support if/when you form a nonprofit corporation UMassBlog, Inc., f.b.o. our football program.

The advantages, we could form UMassBlog chapters, have regional meetings and fund raising lunches/events wherever you travel and before football games, time permitting. That would cover travel expenses.

e-mail Frank and encourage him!

Anonymous said...

i love this blog. keep up the good work,

UMass74 said...

Let me clarify, the HAT was made in Cambodia. The "UMass Football Blog" stitching was done here in New Hampshire.

It's a nice hat.

Anonymous said...

Keep fighting the good fight. Go UMass. Thanks for your work.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Frank. My day begins and ends with the blog. You do a great service for all of us who follow and support the team. We appreciate your excellent work.