Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday Morning Odds & Ends 07/12/08

Bob Behler has a farewell video on the main UMass website page . This Blog will miss his calls of UMass football and basketball. The video contains his list of his all-time favorite football broadcasts.

For the teams playing in the FCS Division of football, making the playoffs is the primary goal of the season. I was surprised to find that 18 FCS teams play two BCS teams this season. Although a BCS loss does not count against a team for playoff eligibility, it does reduce the number of possible FCS wins to a razor thin margin.

I just received Phill Steele's PAC-10 version of his football preview magazine through the mail yesterday. I bought it because it has a hundred pages of FCS info. Every FCS team has a half page of details. He picks UMass #5 starting the season.


Anonymous said...

High Schools have booster clubs. We need our own. We have been waiting for someone to start a football booster club as recommended in the football study a few years ago. We have expenses that can't be paid for by the state. Friends of UMass Football is a fund raising arm of the athletic department and as we know checks are made out to the athletic fund.

Lets move forward and take the lead.

UMass74 said...

I just renewed my membership to Friends of Football.

The check was made out to "Friends of Football" and was mailed to the UMass football offices.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the UMass Athletic Association is the fundraising arm of the athletic department. The Friends of UMass Football is truly a booster organization with the same quasi-relationship with the athletic department as the humongous booster organizations like the M Club as Michigan or Gator Boosters at Flordia. I'm not sure what you think a booster organization is or does, but Friends of UMass Football is it.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. They removed the note from their web site directing that checks be made out to athletic fund. Now there is no information to whom a check should be made out nor the address to which it should be sent.

Thorr Bjorn was hired by URI in July 2007 as their athletic director. Why is the athletic director of URI on the board of directors?

Why is the athletic director of UMass on the board of directors? He certainly has made many decisions that aren't in the best interests of the football program.

UMass74 said...

The Friends website is not often updated. That could use improvement.

However that does not reflect how much they have done for UMass football.

As for the payment of funds and where to send it check out page 2 of the 2008 Golf classic mailing (.pdf).

2008 Golf Classic Brouchure

As I said in my original comment. I made the check out to "Friends of Football" and mailed it to Joyce in the football office.

Anonymous said...

Will you at least look at like organizations. The Michigan AD is on the board of the M Club and the Gator Boosters actually has members of the UF Athletic Dept as part of their staff. Are you saying those two booster organizations do not know what they are doing?

Our AD has made many decisions not in the best interest of the football program? I'd love to hear what those are. He didn't pull $100 Million out of thin air and build a new stadium? The football program is in one of the most successful eras of its entire history.

Do some research next time before you decide to make yourself look like a fool.

Anonymous said...

I have done my research and spent my money. I deal with facts. It is nice to defend this organization. It would be better if it was a functioning organization and didn't need to be defended.

We really can't argue with Frank. The website's list of its board hasn't been updated in over a year. If anyone actually cared the website would have been updated after annual elections. If it was an independent organization with bylaws, the minutes and any activities it scheduled would have been posted. From the 17,000++ students and XXX,0000++ alumni, and employees of the athletic department there are people who are willing and able to donate a few minutes every month to keep the site updated. There are thousands of people who WANT to support this football program. Try and imagine how much more support our football program would have if an effort was made.

All they are is looking for leadership. I was hoping that would be Frank. How about you?

Here is some information.

University of Michigan Club of the Twin Cities

Why should our club have bylaws?

There are three good reasons why clubs should have bylaws: 1) by having bylaws, Board members know what is expected of them and how long they'll be serving in their roles as club leaders; 2) bylaws legitimize that a Board member is working in an official capacity for the club, which might be helpful if there ever is a situation where someone is injured at a club event resulting in lawsuits filed against the club, its members, and/or the AAUM and 3) bylaws provide clubs with a 'road map' for conducting club business.

Anonymous said...

Nice research, you're referencing a regional alumni club, not a football booster organization.

Try this one:

You'll even see their offices are located in the athletic admin building on campus.

Anonymous said...

Your understanding about the Michigan M Club is incorrect and thus your point invalid. The Michigan M Club Is Not a booster organization. Their M Club is quite similar to our M Club - Membership is restricted to ex-athletes. The M Club IS NOT for Fans or Alumni.

All Michigan Letterwinners are automatically members of the M Club
M Club membership consists of athletes who have been awarded an "M" letter in the University of Michigan Varsity Athletics, all active head coaches and athletic directors with at least one year of service, all managers who have been awarded an "M" and all elected honorary "M" letterwinners.

And Ours

The UMass Varsity M Club - "An organization of former UMass athleties recognizing the efforts of today's UMass teams".
Membership in the Varsity M Club is open to everyone who earned a varsity letter as an athletie at UMass.

Anything is better than nothing. What we have isn't sufficient to support a football program.

Anonymous said...

Go to Mike's Board to have your flame war.

UMass Athletic Association

The UMass Athletic Development Office was established in Fiscal Year 1991 to provide comprehensive fundraising for the University of Massachusetts intercollegiate athletic program (23 Varsity Teams.)

The link from the athletic site home page has been removed. WHY? If this organization was successful it wouldn't have been necessary to take over Friends of UMass Football, an organization developed exclusively for the benefit of the football program - because the football program wasn't being supported by the athletic department.

If you support UMass Football and want an effective organization whose goal is to raise funds and support the Football Program then stay here, post here, and email Frank. Bare in mind the athletic department is restricted by state law in the way it can disburse funds. The study for IA a few years ago recommended the establishment of a 501(c) corporation to raise funds for the football program. We need to raise funds for our FCS program. How often does Mike and others have to post the necessity of raising funds to support the football program.

FBS is never going to happen if we can’t build competitive facilities as the other programs in the CAA, not to mention teams in other conferences who compete with us in the FCS.

Friends of UMass football no longer exists nor is it interested in raising enough funds for the football program so that we can remain competitive at the FBS level.