Thursday, July 10, 2008

McGuirk wish list

To paraphrase Lincoln's famous letter to General Meade after the battle of Gettysburg, this blog is grateful----very grateful---for the the recent renovations made to McGuirk.

As I understand the Athletic Department's plan, they would like to renovate the press box and field turf the Gladchuck Practice field. Both are worthy projects. The practice field would get practice sessions for football team off the mall in front of the stadium when McGuirk is in use by other teams.

However, there are a couple of things about McGuirk that could use attention. As pointed out by a commenter in an earlier blog post, the sound system at McGuirk stinks. One year not too long ago it seemed to make a come back, then was bad again the next year. That would indicate the problem is in the wiring or the electronics not the speakers.

Sports Sounds Inc makes systems for college stadiums.

The other repair that would be nice would be the scoreboard. Or maybe replacing the scoreboard. It was the peak of 1970's technology when installed, but is definitely dated in 2008. Towson is adding a new board. One thing about the new scoreboards is that they produce revenue. I certainly would trade watching commercials for a working video scoreboard. The new lights will allow UMass to do night and evening games. A quality scoreboard would really enhance the night game experience.

Among CAA teams, Delaware is adding a 16 X 40 video scoreboard to Delaware Stadium.

More information on state-of-the art scoreboards from Daktronics, Inc.

UPDATE : A number of BCS teams are installing Hi-def football scoreboards. LSU is installing one for both football and basketball .


Anonymous said...

I would vote for toilets at the north end before any of the above.

Anonymous said...

Most stadia I've gone to have toilets in the stadium. If I'm gonna wish, why not in the stadium rather walking to either end. Might as well throw in new concessions stands as well.

Anonymous said...

I agree a new sound system is a must( I wrote before about the existing one)and a new video-scoreboard would be great. New concession stands (the current way with smoke coming up through the stands is an absolute joke!) and bathrooms would be a welcome sight as well. However, Rome wasn't build in a day. Let's hope the Ath. Dept. keeps walking in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

The knowledge to perform a frequency response sound / electronic analysis is well within the technical capabilities of a junior engineering student and could easily be done by senior engineering student as part of a senior thesis under the direction of a professor.

A speaker system analysis would be a good annual project for an engineering student and provide an annual report on the state of the equipment. Cost $00.00.

We have an incredible amount of knowledge and talented people on our campus and we should be taking advantage of their talents.

9169479 said...

I would love toilets at both ends of the stadium. But the cost for plumbing would be astronomical.

9169479 said...

Meyer Sound is another firm that specializes in stadium audio.

Anonymous said...

As I understand the Athletic Department's plan, they would like to renovate the press box and field turf the Gladchuck Practice field.

Frank what is the 1 year, 5 year, 10 year plan?

UMass74 said...

I don't believe there is a set yearly schedule.

I a couple of interviews, the AD indicated what they would like to work on, but did not set a timetable, AFAIK.

Paul said...

Using FieldTurf would be a great idea for UMass. The obvious benefits are its unmatched performance, safety and consistency, as well as the significantly cheaper and infrequent maintenance, along with the increased playability and finally, an environmentally conscious decision in terms of water conservation and not using pesticides. From experience, I can tell you that the playability of this surface is so far and beyond the rest of the industry and I’m glad I get to practice and play on it day in and day out.