Thursday, July 03, 2008

More FCS changes

The upgrade in FCS football in the Northeast continues. The Northeast conference will add ten scholarships in increments to push their total to forty.

With the Northeast conference getting an auto-bid to the playoffs starting in 2010, the extra scholarships should make NEC teams more competitive. Since the opening rounds are not seeded, but selected on travel considerations, UMass could be seeing NEC teams in the first round instead of Patriot League teams starting in 2010.

Speaking of the FCS playoffs, to accommodate the extra teams the NCAA will eliminate the bye week starting in 2010. This may not be as bad as it sounds.

It's likely the top 12 teams will have a bye the first week of the playoffs and the bottom eight teams will have a play-in game as suggested in this David Coulson article. (corrected numbers)

When Georgia Southern was making its great run of FCS championships under Paul Johnson, he always played eleven weeks in a row so that the Eagles would have a bye week going into the playoffs.

We'll just have to be one of the top 16 teams and avoid the play-in game. It will make playing a I-A game harder. Many FCS teams liked to schedule the bye week after the big effort against the BCS team.


Anonymous said...

Your math doesn't work.

The top 12 would have a bye and the bottom eight would play in.

UMass74 said...

You're right. We would have to shoot to be one of the top 12.

Anonymous said...

With more schools adding scholarships, football, eg. Bryant, and other schools upgrading their subdivision FCS to FBS and others increasing their conference affiliation the competition for a fixed number of athletes is increasing. We are going to have to upgrade our recruiting also if we want to compete for a national championship. NDSU and Appalachian State are two who come to mind. How can we funnel more money into the football program and increase its operating budget?

UMass74 said...

Like anything else at the UNiversity, football has to compete for funds.

Local fans can help by buying season tickets (only $10/game!!!) and joining Friends of Football.

Faraway fans can join Friends of Football (only 34 cents/day!). That shows UMass football has a constituency that is interested in the program.

People go to track and field to watch athletes compete. They go to football to watch the team win. Winning football attracts resources. Resources means winning football.

Start with joining Friends. I just sent them my "08-"09 dues.

Anonymous said...

How do you get the idea UMass needs to improve its recruiting, or that NDSU and App recruit better?

Anonymous said...

We know Friends of UMass Football is not an independent organization but a fund raising arm of the athletic department. The funds they raise reduce the funds that need to be spent from the budget that must be covered by the athletic department. This allows your donations to be spent on other programs. I want to know how to ensure donations go to the football program to INCREASE their budget.

We need a Fan Football Booster Club to support our football team and football program and I pledge my support.

UMass74 said...

ARTICLE II - Purpose

Friends of Football bylaws

The purpose of the the Friends of UMass Football shall be to promote the interests of the Varsity Football program ("Program") at the University of Mass in Amherst ("UMass") through its membership.

The Friends of Football shall provide service and assistance to the the Head Coach of the UMass Varsity program ("Head Coach") and the UMass Athletic Director ("Athletic Director") to strengthen, develop and promote the interests of the Program.

The Friends of Football shall be and remain an un-incorporated association of members, who only act in coordination and cooperation with the Head Coach of the Program and the UMass Athletic Dept. The Friends of UMass Football shall not act independently or in conflict with the Department to further the interests of the Head Coach and/or the Athletic Dept, unless the conflict or activity involves the preservation of the Program at its current level of competition and/or funding.

All of the Fiends of UMass Football initiatives, programs, services, operations and plans shall serve to advance one or more of the elements of the foregoing purposes.

ASAIK, all Friends of Football funds are restricted to football. Since they arrived, UMass football has a new stadium surface, new lights, the field house has been painted and repaired and they donated state-of-the-art video equipment to the program.

After forty years of nothing, that's a pretty good result. I highly recommend them to all UMass football fans.

Anonymous said...

Friends of UMass Football is a start in the right direction. It was formed to change the program to the IA / FBS, not to be a fund raising arm for the status quo.

We would be better served with a booster club like all other Nationwide successful programs. Successful high school programs have booster clubs. With or without bylaws the funds are collected by the athletic department. There is a conflict of interests between the short term athletic department goals and the long term fans goals.

At no time are we ever given any indication on how much money is raised by Friends of UMass Football nor are we aware how much was contributed to the artificial turf. There is a lot of misinformation or no information coming out of Amherst.

Go Umass