Saturday, July 19, 2008

Football News Saturday 07/19/08

Big doin's with the State of Rhode Island's football teams.

Josh Buchanan has a question-and-answer session with UMass OL Ben Coblyn.

Matt Vautour explains what happened to Corey Eason. Also interesting in Matt's article is the fact that UMass Football will have a temporary announcer in 2008. I wonder if Matt Goldstein could switch to play-by-play?

A columnist named Pete Fiutak says Texas Tech could hang a 100 points on the Minutemen if they wanted.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention----- Joe Flacco signed for $30 million.


Anonymous said...

That was sure an honest interview with Coblyn. Sounds like a genuine kid.

Anonymous said...

Too bad that writer for the Tech article is off by 93 points. He has no idea what's coming down to Texas. I'll give Tech by 7 points as it will be tied going into the 4th quarter. I will get razzed for this prediction but I predicted App State/Michigan would be a close game in the 4th quarter with a shot to win.

I'm also calling the Villanova/West Virginia a sqeaker. Villanova is going to be tough this year and possibly could win the CAA. They lost a good TE, but have a ton of people back. They should have beaten us last year and they beat Delaware. Bring on the boo-birds..

What are the other CAA- FBS games this year?

Anonymous said...

Losing Cory Eason is a big loss for us. Brown (probably) knew he was a long shot to make the team. His impact would have been huge. We need to replace Eason and still need another major impact player for our front 7 and are still waiting for the expected FBS transfers.

Congratulations to Jason Yellen on his promotion. Now we need to see a better quality product. A few comments about the news release Gunn & Jakuba Hired To Work In UMass Media Relations Office. How about hiring fewer people from NY and more from Mass. People with New York accents don't market well in Boston. With all of the Colleges and Universities in Boston and New England it shouldn't be necessary to hire every Media relations staff member from Stony Brook - New York.

Anonymous said...

Eason: what a waste. Hopefully he can straighten his act out before he lands in prison.

Anonymous said...

Northeastern plays both Ball State and Syracuse.

Anonymous said...

We should be playing schools like Ball State (MAC) and Syracuse (BE) not Texas Tech. We can compete with them on the football field and people recognize the schools. There is no logical reason for ever playing a school from the B10, B12, ACC or any other school without considering the long-term impact and ramifications of the game. We don't need them to get into the playoffs and the payoff isn't sufficient to justify playing a team that is so much better (bigger faster) than we are due to the injury factor. A win against another FCS or even Div II team would be better and safer for our national aspirations.

A win is much more important than a loss to any FBS school. A lopsided score against any school doesn’t help anyone’s strength of schedule or recruiting. An undefeated season or 10-1 record is much more important and helpful toward the playoffs and recruiting than a game against a team that subject our players to the physical and psychological beating that is bigger and faster than we are.

A miracle win might mitigate the psychological beating it won’t the physical beating.

Anonymous said...

Playing a MAC team doesn't bring in the revenue like a BCS program does. How do you think we paid for the lights and field turf and recent upgrades to McGuirk? FBS games probably were a good chunk. I don't know how good a guarantee Syracuse would offer as they have been down the last few years. As far as an FBS team being bigger or faster versus a top 15 FCS squad like UMass, I disagree. They have more depth with 85 Scholies versus 63. This year, we might be bigger than TTech. As far as a pyschological beating, the last few years we have held our own against Navy & BC, FBS bowl bound teams. I think it validates our players knowing they can play with anyone in the country, FCS or FBS. Didn't hurt App. State last year...I think it's awesome for our kids to play in that atmosphere of a 50k attendance. I wasn't anymore sore on Sunday after playing an FBS school than a FCS school. Our kids will be fine. We have no pressure on us to win. We will put up a good showing.

Anonymous said...

"The official job description for both the temporary and permanent positions requires applicants to have at least seven years of broadcasting experience."

Anonymous said...

Dam I hope you are right. I asked Coach why not play more than 1 FBS game a year to make money and the answer he gave me - he didn't want to. The injury factor - their players are too big and too fast to play more than 1 game a year.

Anonymous said...

John McCutcheon, Jason Yellin, stop hiring people from your Alma Mata and New York. You just hired 2 more from New York. You haven't hired 1 native person from Massachusetts. From all of the colleges and athletic departments in Massachusetts you shouldn't have had any trouble finding qualified people in Massachusetts.

Certainly don't hire a broadcaster from NY or with a NY accent. We have to listen to these people and talk to them. Hire people for the market you work in and keep the ones you already hired off the radio.