Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday Morning News 07/28/08

The invaluable Draft Daddy Blog has a post from Josh Buchanan about the top 15 "Small School cornerbacks" (scroll to the 07/25 posting). Sean Smalls and Courtney Robinson are ranked #4 and #6 respectively.

Delaware has added 8 I-A transfers since the end of last season and is in the running for Brandon Gilbeaux who started at DE for Syracuse last year. Could he be interested in us?

Saturday Soundoffs Blog reviews the 2008 status of UMass and Boston College .


Anonymous said...

6-3 270 lb Junior -
Geographically it looks like a team from the CAA-South is more likely IF the primary goal is to move closer to DC. Playing for the worst team in the BE and not starting or getting limited playing time is probably the primary reason for wanting for leave Syracuse.

Would he start for us? and get on the field for 90% of the defensive snaps for us? Would he want to play inside?

His Real Priority - Which school, position, would help him get the most visibility for the NFL draft? TV Coverage, Playing for a school who will be competing for the national championship and will showcase his talents is my answer.

tOP 5 in the Phil Steel preseason poll

1. James Madison
2. Appalachian State
3. Richmond
4. Delaware
5. Massachusetts

Anonymous said...

Starter on Syracuse 2008 preseason depth chart.

Why haven't we done better getting transfers this year?

Anonymous said...

Remember, we got a big one in Corey Eason, who wasn't smart enough to capitalize on the opportunity.

Judging from his performance in the Spring Game, Wilson could be a big impact FBS transfer.

FBS transfers are nice, but they don't pan out often enough to make them the primary focus. There's usually a risk involved with them.

You're also seeing FBS teams encourage their kids to transfer less since it negatively affects their APR score.

Anonymous said...

Eason is gone unfortunately. Delaware has 8 FBS transfers coming in. We needed major upgrades to overtake Appalachian State. Instead we had major loses. We will do well, win the ACC north or finish 2'nd and make the playoffs. If our goal is to win the CAA then we are doing fine.

If our goal is a national championship we haven't done a very good job recruiting players who can come in and start / plug the holes and upgrade a number of positions immediately.

The athletic department and Yellen want to give interviews and take credit for the minimum improvements that are being made. They also have to take responsibility for not giving the coaches enough (softball, football, hockey, etc.) recruiting funds. Lets not talk about not having enough money. Instead call Tim Kenney and ask him why he is having some much difficulty raising money.

Anonymous said...

Here is our home page.
Picture of Kellogg and an advertisement for bb season tickets. How about a little support on the home page for the football team?

Anonymous said...

UMASS idea of promoting football games is to open the ticket booths(both of them),an hour or two before kickoff.No posters in package stores,no advertising in weekly papers, no free nerf footballs for under 12.No decent concessions(no beer in stands).No in game music(no sound system).No scoreboard from the new milliniem.No attempt at getting Springfield,Northampton Greenfield locals involved.Did I mention no attempt at inviting the thousands of employees,and teaching staff.I could go on and on,but marketing takes place prior to the games,not an hour or two before and the during the game.Memo to marketing staff-get out and meet the public!!You have a great product and beautiful atmosphere in the fall.

Anonymous said...

Hello Athletic Dept. Jason you just hired 2 people full time. That's a lot of money that you could have invested in marketing instead of a couple of trainees that are part of your overhead. There is no return on money spent on overhead. There should be on marketing.

WE also need a consultant for Tim Kenney. Its time to put performance requirements on him. ie. His dept should be raising millions from the Massachusetts corporations and the amount should be going up every year.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous, you would be perfect for a marketing job with the Athletic Department. You are right, they don't promote enough or at all.

Anonymous said...

Here's an indea: why not present this to the Isenberg School as a project for the MBA students, instead of spenindg money on consultants or the hiring of additional staff?

9169479 said...

you should see Delaware's new scoreboard / jumbotron. :(

Anonymous said...

Kids Club for the basketball program with kids wearing shirts from other teams. Why don't these kids have UMass T-shirts?
-quote -
You will also be invited to special Member Only events held throughout the year!
- end quote -

What events were held last year for any sport?

Does all year include the fall? are kids invited to football games?
Kids come > parents come > parents spend $ > UMass makes money!!

Anonymous said...

i am retired and would not mind putting in a few hours to bring point of sale to area stores, who would i contact?