Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wednesday Morning Odds & Ends

Well, it look like I won't be driving down to Amherst to the weekly Sports Luncheon to see Coach Brown talk about the recruits. I'll be digging out from the lasted snowstorm.

A couple of interesting items on the wires:

Somebody named Sparky Woods got Jim Reid's job at VMI.

BTW, if you haven't visited Reid's page at the Miami Dolphins, it's here (more UMass references than anywhere else).

Somehow I don't think this is good news: CBS buys out CSTV. While there may be money in the deal for CSTV, I get the feeling there will be less coverage on non-BCS schools. With the MSM, college football begins and ends with Ohio State-Michigan...

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Anonymous said...

I believe we should develop the in house capability to broadcast and market our athletic events - and we are almost there.

We don't need anyone to broadcast our games on the Internet. We have the licensed radio station and they already broadcast over 80 athletic events. We have a professional broadcaster. We need a color commentator. We have a radio network in Massachusetts and now it is time to develop our own TV network. Hire a marketing professional and he will more than earn his salary. Make a serious effort to market our sports teams in the Boston market. Ask President Wilson for help and I am sure he will.