Friday, February 08, 2008

Some Recruiting week odds & Ends

The Springfield Republican had this article Tuesday about UMass Football recruiting.

UMass' 2008 BCS game Texas Tech will be playing two FCS/I-A opponents this year. Tulsa bought out a game with the Red Raiders. So Texas Tech has added Eastern Washington as their opening opponent.
Stories here and here .

This article states that the recruit ranking services (Rivals, are wrong as often as they are right.

Meanwhile, economists at the prestigious Stetson school of business have created a software model that is able to pick a recruit's school choice with a 75% accuracy.

BTW, the nation's top recruit, Terrelle Pryor is still available-----can we text him?

The next time you see UMass AD John McCutcheon, ask him why Coach Brown does not have a helicopter...

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Anonymous said...

A helicopter sounds perfect. It can land next to Alumni Stadium be in Worcester in 1/2 hour, and Boston in 1 hour.
I would really like to find out what the story is behind the academic adviser for the football team. Are we going to lose a player or players?

On July 25, 2007, Thorr Bjorn was appointed the 11th director of athletics in University of Rhode Island history. His salary was in the budget for the year. Was anyone hired in his place? We certainly need more people working on the projects he was working on and additional projects to make our programs more successful and professional. Perhaps we could even fire some of the people who aren't producing and get more experienced and professional people in the athletic department.