Thursday, February 21, 2008

2008 UMass Football --- Offensive line

I've been doing a series of posts on the state of the 2008 UMass football team. This is the last post of the series and we take a look at the OL for 2008 and try to guess what the coaching staff has in store for us.

Remember I have no special inside information.

Freshman are green.
Sophomores are orange
Juniors are blue
Senior are red

I'm working out of the UMass depth chart for the Hofstra game. Teams are only allowed to dress 60 players for the playoffs, so the depth chart for the playoffs may have been different. Note that the class of the player is for fall of 2008 not their current status.

According to the last regular season depth chart:

LT Vladimir Ducasse Junior
----Ben Coblyn Senior

LG Open

Center Open
-------John Ihne Sophomore

RG Open
---- Biff Gotteher Redshirt Senior

RT Sean Calicchio Redshirt Senior
----Biff Gottener Redshirt Senior

Other offensive linemen (not including this year's recruits) are Josh Samuda, Tim Nolan, Mike Binkoski, Michael Boyle, Justin Sawicki , Chauncey Incarnato and Brian Ostaszewski.

Discussion: The offensive line is the big (along with WR) rebuilding area for 2008. The offensive line was hit with injuries in training camp last year and depth was problem all year.

John Ihne and Ben Coblyn saw quite a bit of playing time. I read in one of last years reports that if UMass had to break a redshirt it would have been Tim Nolan. Which, presumably, means he was the most advanced of the true freshmen at that time.

I would think that Coach Brown would try to redshirt this year's OL recruits if at all possible. Generally, an eighteen-year-old is not physically ready to play in the line against twenty-three year old players who have been on a college weight program for five years.

Most OL can play more than one position. I would think that the center and both guard positions are open at this time. Until spring and fall training camps are finished, I don't think there is any clear leaders. We will have more depth this year and last year's freshman should be in the mix to start.


Anonymous said...

You are right about Coblyn getting playing time but not about Inhe who didn't get any.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Coach Brown would like to redshirt all freshman OL if possible. Vlad is the only freshman that I can remember in recent times not to redshirt.
It might be even more open than the depth chart shows as Coblyn and Biff are still not with the team. I think that Ihne, Nolan and Boyle, if he is healthy, will be battling it out this spring for one of the open spots inside. All three are inside type guys and that seems to be where the openings are. It should be an interesting spring. I can't wait for the spring game.

Anonymous said...

anyone know when spring practice begins and/or date of spring game?

UMass74 said...

Spring Practice begins April 5th.

Spring game may 3rd.

Anonymous said...

What is meant by "Coblyn and Biff are still not with the team"? They quit, are injured from last season, are not training or lifting, what? Just curious because I think OL is the most critical component for UMass's success next season.

Anonymous said...

if coblyn is there i thnk we will see him at LG. He played a lot there towards the end of the year. talk about a huge left side of the line!

Anonymous said...

You state that the offensive line (along with WR) is the big rebuilding area. What about running backs? I think that is a huge problem, particularly with an immobile QB.

Anonymous said...

Biff graduates in May and I don't think that he is using his last year of eligibility. As of now he hasn't participated in any training sessions.

Anonymous said...

You don't mention the TE position. Can we do with just 3? By the end of the season, Jorgansen and Getek were getting alot of time. Getek is looking stronger.

UMass74 said...

The UMass Football blog is searchable by means of the small white "search blog" box in the upper left hand corner.

I've done a post on running backs Here:

and one on receivers here:

I do think we need Fullbacks, Running backs, Tight ends and maybe a kicker.

We'll have to see what Brown brings in for transfers.

UMass74 said...

Above post is clipped on the runnig backs. Blogger comments does not use word wrap.

Type in the search box "2008--running backs "

Anonymous said...

Oops, missed that one. THANKS