Friday, February 15, 2008

Recruiting 2008---Charles "Chaz" Thompson DL

Coming to UMass this August will be Chaz Johnson a 6-3 290 pd DL from Teaneck, NJ.

Thompson's Rival's page is here . This story is about his signing with UMass .

Thompson was one of thirty-three New Jersey athletes who signed with CAA teams this year.

Thompson was chosen to multiple All-Star teams including All-North Jersey, First Team All-County, Three time All-NNJIL and member of the NY Vs NJ All-Star Football Classic.

Besides UMass, Michigan State, Rutgers, Syracuse, Temple, BC, UConn and Maryland were interested.

Welcome to the Maroon & White Chaz! Hope you have a great career here.


Anonymous said...

when are you going to do the breakdown of the O-Line? It seems to have the most question marks next year. Two and possible three spots to guys who haven't played a down of college ball yet.

Anonymous said...

How many o-linemen are in jeapordy (or who have already been declared) of being inillegible?

Anonymous said...

I heard that three or four possibly O-Linemen were questionable if certain things do not happen.

This comes from a relative who dates one of the players. She said the guys were talking about the O-Line and they felt it would be a great one if all the guys remaining on the team would be able to play. I was told that one or two may need an operation on either a shoulder or lower back, one was put on academic probation and must do extremely well this semester to be eligible to play in the Fall, and the finally one isn't enrolled in all his classes yet due to a screw up by his academic advisor. In fact, this kid told some of the team members that he has been forced to change his major because the courses the advisor had him take will not give him 80% toward graduation by next season. I was told this kid had over a 3.0 this past semester and had a 3.5+ overall as a transfer student. He was supposedly on the Dean's List and inducted into an Honor Society at his previous university. I was not given all the names nor did I ask who they all were. I think that is their own business.

Anonymous said...

Looks like their are going to be some freshmen starting! Just guessing but Brown probably knew this when he was recruiting.

UMass74 said...

OK Guys:

a. I'll be doing a post on the OL this coming week.

b. Please do not post rumors about players in the comments. I'll let this one go, but any post that includes a player's name and mentions injuries, grades or personal problems will be deleted.

The football staff will handle academic problems. In 2005 and 2006 every UMass player who exhausted their eligibility graduated.

We'll hear when spring football starts who's available and who's not. And spring practice is only about six weeks away.

Anonymous said...

UMass74, glad to hear you can shut someones facts/rumors down before posting them at your discretion. Lets just keep it football related. No need to go into players personal/academic problems. Why do some just love gossip?

UMass74 said...

Right now commenting is open without restrictions. I get an e-mail on each comment. If it's not suitable, then I delete it. The one negative is that the comment stays up until I read the e-mail.

The other option is to enable comment moderation (comments do not appear until reviewed).

I have not had to do that because the UMass Football Blog community has been so good. I've only deleted maybe a dozen posts in three years--- and almost all of those were spam.

The Fatah-Hamas Palestinian civil war did spill over onto the Blog once (don't ask me how)and somebody added comments to about a dozen blog posts concerning the sexual proclivities of Fatah women.

Just please be responsible so that I won't have to enable comment moderation.