Thursday, February 14, 2008

Recruiting 2008------Tyler Holmes LB

I've blogged before about Tyler Holmes a 6-0 195 pd LB from Blacksburg HS in Blacksburg VA.

He was All-State, All-Group AA Second Team and All-Region in 2007. District Defensive Player-of-the-Year in 2006 and Defensive Back-of-the-Year in 2007.

This article shows his signing day.

Welcome to the Minutemen, Tyler!

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Anonymous said...

I think the NCAA Rules Committee is going to initiate changes that will benefit the FCS programs and players in all divisions. In particular, I am very happy to see the NCAA address both the "horse-collar" and "chop-block" issues. So many times I have seen serious injury to players due to these techniques. I think if the action is taken by the NCAA it will make the game safer for all.

As for expanding the "play-off" tournament, I have always been in favor of such a proposal. Often, I have seen too many times outstanding and deserving teams excluded from the opportunity to play for the NC due to the limited berths available. I, often, said to do away with the "Bye" week and/or start the season a week earlier. It seems the latter isn't feasible due to financial considerations. But, how about cutting the regular season to 10 or 11 games and expanding the number of play-off berths to 24 or 28 teams? This shouldn't take any, if at all, money from those school tha are making a profit from their home games or football program. It could actually save money for those programs not turning a profit for their schools. Maybe, the NCAA could consider revenue sharing based on a tier system. Possibly, the gate receits' profit could be distributeed among those schools remaining in the tournameng at each level of the playoffs. The first level would be shared by all while the NC level would be shared only by the remaining two participants. Just an idea!