Sunday, February 17, 2008

Recruiting 2008----- Raymond Jones DT

Joining the Minutemen this fall will be Raymond Jones a 6-4 275 pd strong side DE transfer from Delaware .

Jones' 2005 Rivals page is here . Before signing with Delaware in 2006 he had recruiting interest from Boston College, Syracuse, East Carolina and Maryland.

An article about his original signing with the Hens is here .

At Delaware in 2006, as a true freshman, he appeared in nine games and had six tackles.

As I understand it, he is in a Community College at this time, and will be eligible to play for UMass in the fall.

Welcome the the Minutemen, Ray! Glad you left the dark side and and joined the good guys.


Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see where Coach Brown puts some of these big defensive lineman recruits...he tends to have smaller defensive lineman that can move.

UMass74 said...

I think this year, Brown has some BIG defensive linemen who can move...

Anonymous said...

Like most FCS programs UMass has smaller defensive linemen because the FBS schools get most of the larger and quicker kids. I am sure Brown, and others, would take larger and faster players if they could get them. Brown is pretty savy; in that, he does real well at enticing FBS players to select UMass whenever things don't work out for them at the D1A level. He seems to pick up some pretty good athletic linemen like Nick Dana and others with size like Ben Coblyn, and from what I am starting to hear, like Chauncey Incarnato. Probably these last two will be starting or contributing in a major way this season for the Minutemen.

With UMass's current reputation the Minutemen are beginning to get larger and more athletic linemen on both sides of the ball through recruiting and are in competition with most of the FBS Mid-major programs like Rice, Duke, Tulane, Kent State, Buffalo, Etc... I have heard recruits talk quite a bit and many feel they can make the next level and play in a winning program like App State, Delaware, UMass, Youngstown State, etc...rather than a poor FBS program. And, I might add, many express that they can get a better quality education especially if they go to "Nova", Holy Cross, UMass, and so on.

If Brown and his staff stick around for a few more years UMass may establish a program like App State and Delaware have. Things then will only get better and the linemen will get larger and quicker. If you build it (strong, winning program), they will come (bigger, faster linemen)!