Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Eleven UMass Players named Academic All-Conference

The UMass Football Blog is proud to announce that eleven UMass players made the 2007 Academic All-Conference Team. The UMass announcement is here . The original CAA conference article is here . Players have to have 3.0 or better average to be named to the team.

Congratulations to: David Burris, Matt Stolte, Sean Callicchio, Biff Gottehrer, Jason Grochowalski , Chis Cefalo, Armando Cuko, Kyle Harrington, Josh Jennings, Anthony Rouzier and Michael Boyle .

Parse the Academic All-Conference list this way:
  1. Hofstra 15
  2. URI 13
  3. UNH 12
  4. UMass 11
  5. Villanova 11
  6. Delaware 10
  7. Maine 9
  8. Towson 8
  9. William & Mary 8
  10. Northeastern 5
  11. Richmond 5
  12. JMU 3
CAA North 65, CAA South 45


Anonymous said...

Way to go boys. Very proud of you.

Anonymous said...

With a big difference in the number of Academic All-Conference players between the North member schools and the CAA South schools I am wondering why this is so. Is it due to the quality of recruits admitted by the North members or do the South member schools have a tougher grading curve? Just wondering, no more and no less!