Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday Morning 02/25/08 Odds & Ends

Nice payout FCS/I-AA team Cal Poly is getting for playing Wisconsin.

Tanner Boucher a 6-4 QB we recruited from Keene, NH signed with Army.

I thought this article was interesting about 40 yard dash times. It follows my contention that most published 40 times are junk unless electronically timed.

Terrelle Pryor is still available. I guess we didn't text him enough last time.

Old Dominion, who will be starting football in 2009, and joining the CAA shortly after that, signed 21 players in their first recruiting class.


Anonymous said...

How long can we (or any school) remain competitive at the IAA level as more and more teams try to establish winning IAA programs and compete for the same local athletes against us? At some point very soon it will be easier to recruit at the IA level.

We are also recruiting the same athletes against regional IA schools and a few national schools without the advantages of a IA program. As a IA program some would certainly choose UMass where family and friends could watch them play.

Every college has some advantages and disadvantages and we are losing local athletes to both the IA and IAA programs. There are 20 IAA schools within game day driving distance. Some athletes will chose their local IAA school even though we have a better program.

We are able to compete today because of the transfers we get every year. We won't get as many transfers if we change to IA so we will need to recruit more effectively locally and nationally however I believe having a IA program will enable us to recruit more effectively locally and nationally. This will be especially noticeably recruiting the local athletes because we would have the IA program advantages. Lets begin a 5 year upgrade program.

Anonymous said...

You r rt. Look at UComm!