Sunday, September 16, 2007

UMass-Colgate web album 09/08/07

I've set up a web album on Picassa of the UMass-Colgate game. There is now a permenant link in the sidebar also.

Also included are some images taken by the family of UMass kicker Chris Koepplin. The cheerleader images are by request of a cheerleader parent.

The image above is a scan of the game program.

As usual, UMass players and fans can grab images from the album, but crediting the UMass football blog would be nice.


dabjrb said...


Thanks so much for cheer pix, they are great!! Great 2nd half vs Towson - Umas 3-0 !!

Thanks again,


UMass74 said...

Tough duty taking images of cheerleaders :)

Seriously, easier to get some shots of the cheerleaders on away games. At McGuirk, both squads operate at the far ends of the stands. Not a good camera angle.

Or I could get a longer lens, but Mrs. Blog says I have enough toys...