Saturday, September 29, 2007

No moral victories!

Coach Brown nearly took the head off Matt Goldstein in the post-game interviews. He said there were no moral victories at UMass. He was right. We had the horses to play with Boston College.

We did not make some plays we needed to make.

Never the less, I was happy with:

The defensive tenacity. We kept playing UMass defense and we knocked down Ryan multiple times. The defense was on the field the whole first half and did not fold. BC did not run against us and we had lots of hurries.

I liked the running of Matt Lawrence and Tony Nelson. Lawrence in particular had a good game in my option. In I-AA, you can juke and make someone wiff. In the pros, you have to hit the hole and run up field. I thought Lawrence and Nelson played very well against a top 15 defense.

Scott Woodard played well in relief of Liam Coen. He looked composed and mobile.

I don't usually complain about the officiating, but I don't know what the guy in the booth was thinking. The BC receiver started to loose control of that overturned fumble as soon as the UMass defender put his hat on the ball.

Jamie Silva needs to hit people from the front.

I would not trade injuries to Liam Coen and Nick Diana for a win over the Eagles. Hopefully, with a week off, they will be able to return for Villanova.

Go UMass!


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Anonymous said...

I was at the game and couldn't watch the re-play.. was there enough to over-turn the call on the field???? We made some stupid mistakes, but there were some calls that were crazy. A 15 yarder for slapping the hands of a fan after a td??? come on. also how bad did that no call pass int look later in the game.. seems like everyone in the place saw it except for the refs. i know we had a lot of pent. but half were the refs and the other half were us being nevous early

UMass74 said...

Both the announcers could not believe that the decision on the field was overturned. They both repeatedly called it a fumble. Both before and after watching the multiple replays...

The hand slapping and the missed pass interference were also weird.

As I said, I don't bitch about the refs, but this crew was bad.

UmassJSP said...

Umass shot themselves in the foot all day. I think the noise in the BC student end where Umass was trapped the whole first quarter was disruptive. I didnt think we should have deferred but should have taken the ball to start the game. Umass had trouble getting their defensive packages in and BC finally caught them with the quick snap that nullified the interception. The refs were horrible on pass interference calls. The unsportsmanlike when Umass got the game to within 3 and had all the momentum was a back breaker. Umass kicked off from the 15 and BC drove right in. I had a great time at the game and the team made me proud of Umass and our fans were great. I sat in the upper deck on the Umass side and the BC crowd was DEAD. Sat on their hands all game. The play calling for Umass was questionable especially two long laterals that lost yardage. Thanks for the blog and GO UMASS !

UMass74 said...

Thanks for the game reports. I could hear a little of the crowd noise for UMass, but it was tough to judge how well the UMass fans did.

You know announcers---they never shut up :)

Anonymous said...

The BC crowd played no factor. Very quiet crowd, certainly nothing distractive.

John said...

I was at the game, in the North end zone seats. The B.C. season ticket holders were really cordial, and they all agreed that UMass should have won and that they thought UMass outplayed B.C. If y ou look at the stats, B.C. definately did better but take away 5 first downs off of penalties and the rest of the penalty yards and who knows. UMass set B.C. up on 2 of those first scoring drives. ONe other very interesting comments that I heard from alot of the B.C. fans were that they actually thought the ACC refs were calling nit picky penalties on UMass because the ACC did not want an upset on their watch. Interesting to hear from the home team.

UMass74 said...

As I said before, some of the calls against UMass were strange. The chop block call against Ducasse was called when he fell across the BC defender.

The two announcers looked at the replay and said "That's a real tough call against him"

We certainly committed some penalties, but there were three or four that were real shaky calls against us. And then they missed the pass interference against BC, which would have put them into double digits in penalties. They totally blew the fumble call.