Tuesday, September 18, 2007

An early look at Maine

UMass' next opponent is the Maine Black Bears. They are 1-2 for the season.

Maine was one on the CAA teams that lost a four year starter at QB this year. After four years of Ron Witcomb at the helm, they are breaking in a new QB.

It's not going well so far. Maine is last in the CAA in scoring offense, last in passing offense and last in total offense. CAA stats here .

The Black Bears have 218 yards passing -----for the season. No, really. They are averaging 3.1 yards per catch. Probable starter at QB is Adam Farkes a RFr QB from Boston, MA.

The Black Bears only offensive weapon so far this year has been Jamal Fluellan 5-9 180 pd transfer TB from Syracuse. He's rushed 59-316 5.4 yards/rush and 3 TDs.

The Black Bears have their UMass game notes up here .

The Bangor Daily News has a story about their loss to Villanova here .

UPDATE: Farkes will start according to the Bangor Daily News. Two more game articles about Maine's loss to Villanova here and here .

UPDATE II: Keeper has UMass by 11+ points. Just about what the wisdon on the poll says.

UPDATE III: UMass now has its Maine Game notes up. Also Matty Vautour says that Coen's status for Maine is uncertain. (registration required)


MinuteFan said...

Check out that CAA stats link and one number jumps off the page. UMass AVERAGES 127 yards per game in penalties, TWICE as much as any other team. I'm happy they are 3-0 and I love coach Brown, but this is ridiculous. I don't know about you, but I find myself unable to enjoy a good play by the Minutemen because I am too busy looking for the yellow hanky. I understand the "we are aggressive on defense, so we will take more penalties" mentality, but that does not explain the incredible disparity between them and every other team. Any idea why this continues to be such a big problem?

UMass74 said...

It is true that the UMass aggressive defense causes more penalties. Blitz 50+ times a game and you're going to mis-time the snap count sometimes. Also, since we blitz all the time our cornerbacks have no support. if they are going to get beat, it's better to interfere and get a penalty instead of a TD or a 50 yard completion.

We also lead the league in sacks, run defense and are close in INTs. One I-A transfer said "UMass is the place to be". We get good quality transfers because Brown's defense is fun to play.

The number of penalties usually drops as the players learn the boundaries and get more acclimated to each other.

I'll take leading the league in penalties when we are leading the league in wins :)

Anonymous said...

No Vlad Ducasse last week and this week. Sitting out NCAA suspension because he played as an ineligible in week one. He inadvertantly was dropped from a class dropping him below the 12 credit requirement to play. This has been rectified as UMASS reported themselves to the NCAA.

Anonymous said...

What does rectified mean? Is he now carrying the minimum number of credits and is eligible to play this week? Are additional penalties forthcoming by the NCAA?

UMass74 said...

I would ask everyone to put a cap on the Ducasse speculations. There has been no official release by UMass.

I'm sure Matty V. will cover the story soon. Since we have no official information, there is no sense getting excited.

Anonymous said...

First and foremost, I can tell you right now that minutefan has never played a down of football in his life and probably never will so he can shut his mouth about our defensive penalties, are front seven are the best in the nation and will prove it this season and our corners are solid players who make plays. And another thing as of Sept. 19th we are 3-0 so tell me what you want, you want a team with an average record with less penalties or do you want to see us as confrence champions. Secondly Vlad will play this week, it was a bad situation that he had no control over and now he is back.

UMass74 said...

Guys, I'd ask that we not get into a back and forth in the blog comments. The UMass football message board over at Mike's is the perfect format for debate.