Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday Morning reading

The Boston Globe has a game article here .

So does the Boston Herald here .

From the Towson side, the Baltimore Sun covers the game here .

The CAA had a very good day OOC with UNH beating Marshall, JMU beat VMI, William & Mary beat Liberty and Hofstra beat Albany. Write up on league games here .

National games in the FCS division are covered here .


Speaking of Albany, they are upgrading their football program. Now they are pushing for a new $60M stadium.

UPDATE: Matty Vautour has a game article here (registration required)

The image above is a scan of the game program (somewhat the worse for being soaked in the rain in the first quarter)


GrizzBizz said...

I for one will be watching the BC game this weekend, and pulling for the minutemen. A UMass victory would be sweet for that entire FCS as was the App St. victory over Michigan on the opening week. It's always fun when FCS teams shake up the BCS, and I wouldn't be too terribly surprised if that turns out to be the case this weekend. Good luck to the Minutemen this weekend, and we here in Montana are looking forward at the chance to redeem last year's semifinal loss in this year's big show.

FCS forever!

UMass74 said...

BC will be a tough match-up for us.

We are probably close to the talent levels of the Service Acadmies. To win Saturday, we need some breaks.

While I think BC has a solid advantage, we are capable of winning if they don't pay attention.

Montana is a great team with great fans. I think the Griz have a better club with better running and a better QB this year. Any National Championship team will have to deal with the Griz.