Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wednesday--February 24th, 2016

UMass announces Aspire Group as the Athletic Dept's Marketing, Sales and Service Provider. Nothing will help sell tickets like more victories for the hoops, hockey and football teams...


Fire the Musket has a recap of Sunday's Junior Day.


Neal Brown and Troy announce their Spring Football Schedule.


The Virginia Pilot says Old Dominion's schedule is too tough. They should look at the Minutemen's.


SB Nation previews the 2016 Louisiana Tech Bulldogs.


South Carolina loses three players: two dismissed and one leaves.


The BYU student newspaper looks at the QB battle brewing for the Cougars.


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Anonymous said...

UMASS athletic marketing has been bad. Sorry Tim Kenney, but nothing was done correctly. UMASS has few relationships in Springfield, Holyoke, Longmeadow, Palmer, Athol, Northampton ,etc. They have no one in athletics that has targeted businesses, in these communities. They hire people from the outside the area, and it takes them a year just to realize the lay of the land, and then they leave and repeat the same process. Hiring outside consultants does not work. Winning always helps, but other schools do things right, without winning. See St.Louis.