Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday--February 12th, 2016

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The Vineyard Gazette has a long post on Randall Jette's preparation for the NFL Draft. Good to see Jette will get his degree as he works on his football skills.


Bob McGovern will no longer publish the Maroon Musket. We'll miss Bob's invaluable recruiting scoops.


An SEC site ranks the league's OOC schedule, which include three teams that play UMass.


Speaking of the SEC, this post has five keys for the South Carolina 2016 season.

The same site also does five keys for the Gators season.


SB Nation has a complete list of players (including Tajae Sharpe) invited to the NFL Combine.

Hustle Belt has a story about Sharpe and Roger Lewis being invited to the Combine.


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Anonymous said...

80-2 is the most vile number for umass athletics...don't believe me? read the hoops board and see the garbage he writes. I always wonder why people like that spend all their time hating.